Bee Hive Smokers

Bee Hive Smoker

We carry the large volume, stainless steel smoker. The large canister is designed to provide hours of smoke without relighting.



Lids (inner)


Complete Bee Hive Box

Complete Boxes

We offer unassembled or fully assembled wooden boxes. 2500Lb Non-toxic glue is applied to the rabbet joints, which are then securely fastened with screws. This method has proven to extend the life of the unit.

Bee Hive Box Lid

Inner cover (crown board)

Our inner lid is reversible, to block drafts for winter and has enough clearance to allow the beekeeper to apply pollen substitute patties directly on the frames. We use a combination of non-toxic 2500lb glue and staples to acheive one of the most durable inner covers in the industry.

Complete Bee Hive Box


Durable 5/8” plywood contruction for the floor of hive, with 2x4's screwed below. This eliminates warping, and gives the beekeeper the option of screwing the hive bottom down .

Bee Hive Box with Bottom

Box with Bottom

Bee Hive ox Frame

Box Frame

premium metal hive lid

Premium Metal Hive Lids

Get years of use from our "Military Grade" premium hive lids. The metal edges are overlapped at the corners, then screwed down securely. This helps to keep the elements out and the bees dry.(To be used with the inner cover a.k.a crown board).


Hive Tools

Bee Hive Tool

J Tool

Our personal favourite. This design has the most leverage to help with those stubborn, waxed-in frames; stainless steel design for years of use.

Bee Hive Feeder

Mann Lake Pf 117 frame

We use and recommend Mann Lake PF 117 pre-waxed frames. Not only are they the most economical, but the durability is second to none.

Bee Hive Feeder

Feeder in Box

These feeders replace 2 frames in the hive, and hold 2 gallons (8 litres) of sugar water. The abundance of actificial nectar is great for getting new hives established or loading existings ones up for winter. A wooden stick floats inside, on the sugar water, minimizing bee losses.

Beekeeping Regulations in OntarioNational Bee Diagnostic Centre